On the subject of paleontology, prehistoric creatures, I studied the subject at length and found many theories questionable, less than satisfactory. I dared to think about the subjects with a fresh perspective and accumulated notes and thoughts over a period of about 20 years. Some discuss specific animals and what I feel are the misconceptions about them. Other notes cover larger, more generalized issues. I have tried to make the link descriptions here sufficiently detailed that you will know what the topic really covers, so you may more easily select any which interest you.
P1 - Did sauropod dinosaurs have trunks like elephants?

P2 - The color of a Brchiosaurus?
P3 - Updated Discussion of the Sauropod Trunk Issue.
P4 - Diplodocus Discussion
P5 - Brachiosaurus Discussion
Film Commentaries
Old films appear to be quite popular and fans of these movies often love to know more about "the making of", behind the scenes information about the film. Over the years, I've seen some of the films I did become cult classics of a sort, and I've found websites and discussion boards about these curious films or shows. And I have also found some false descriptions, mis-information, and the occasional outright lie in people's descriptions about these. So I thought some of this mis-information deserved to be corrected, and for those who simply loved the movie and like to know more behind the scenes, I will explain my part in the making of it.
F1 - Swamp Thing and my day as a stunt man

F2 - Return of the Living Dead, and rumors and lies that will not die.
F3 - A commentary on discrimination against women in the makeup profession, and my efforts to help end it.
Cryptozoological/Bigfoot Commentaries
Some of these discussions specifically relate to my recent activity analysing the PG Film, while others are simply thoughts, issues and subjects that intrigue me, and I choose to share with others.
CZ1 - My "Creature Suit Analysis" Notes

CZ2 - A statement of my appraisal of the PG Film, to date, July 2008

CZ3 - My Intentions in analysing the film, and my contentious relationship with "skeptics"

CZ4 - My reflection on the sad obcession with winning arguments instead of truly understanding issues, and my efforts to reach understandings with other people
CZ5 - A commentary on the Flawed Skeptical Logic, and a personal example as reference
Personal Commentaries
These are more generalized or fall outside the above categories.
Per1 - Wildlife art that was too "wild"