My Inspiration as an Artist
Without a doubt, my father, Howard Munns, was my most powerful inspiration as an artist. His work was almost entirely wildlife art, plus landscapes, and he tended to work in pastels, watercolor, some wood carvings, and an innovative acrylic style where he painted on actual slabs of marble and used the grain of the rock as his basic landscape terrain, accenting it a bit, and then adding animals to the composition.
Pictured below is one such example. 
He was not a "tempermental artist", who uses their artistic endeavor to justify a childish or irresponsible temperment. He was calm, mature, quiet, and he simply did his artwork with a minimum of temperment or attitude, relying on pure skill and masterful application with an immense knowledge of his subjects. That lack of temperment, the respect for skillful mastering of techniques and strong familiarity with your subject, these were the lessons he taught and I found most valuable.
We shared a love of the natural world and wildlife, a love of learning and books, and a love of unpretentious result instead of lavishly hyped promotion, as the true measure of a fine artist.
He passed away in 2002, at the age of 91, but he left for us a truly fabulous body of artwork, and I cherish all the pieces I have in my personal collection.  And it is with pleasure that I include this sampling of his artwork in this gallery of mine, and gratefully acknowledge his much appreciated inspiration to my own work as a wildlife artist.
Bill Munns 
There are four seperate pages grouping his artwork as follows:
1. Portraits of Single Animals                                             2. Paintings of Groups or Herds of Animals
3. Landscape Paintings                                                       4. Wood Carvings of Animals
5. Comparing the scenic art of Father and Son