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May 15, 2009   The first part of my Patterson Film report will be issued.
A list of Breakthrough Magazines articles I wrote on Wildlife Art recreation Techniques
July 30, 2008 The following were added:
Additional Notes on the Discussion of the Sauropod's Trunk
Specific Discussion of Diplodocus
Specific Discussion of Brachiosaurus
Alternate e-mail link added
July 15, 2008 the following were added:
Five Pages of the artwork of my father, Howard Munns
July 12, 2008  the following items added
"What's New" home page link
Creature Suit Analysis Notes, Indexed and Described, plus direct links
A Personal Commentary about my Wildlife Art and the Unexpected Public Reaction
Commentary on Flawed Skeptical Logic, an example
Index of charts made for PG Film Analysis
Commentary on the color of a brachiosaurus
A Commentary on Discrimination Against Women in the Makeup Profession, and my part in ending it.
July 8, 2008  Following items added:
1. Commentary on the Sauropod's Trunk hypothesis

2. Commentary on Swamp Thing movie

3. Commentary on Living Dead movie

4. appropriate links added to pages related to above
July 6, 2008  Original site upload